Friday, December 18, 2009

P.S., Nicki you got me lustin...could this be love?

This is the second time I have followed up a blog with a entry about someone in the previous blog. I have been hearing alot about Ms. Minaj and yes I am a bit curious if she has skills. I will find out later today as I have found a few sites with some of her tracks. I did happen to see her on 106 and Park performing with Robin Thicke. That was eye opening to say the least, cause she got hips and ASS for days! I love how Aries Spears breaks it down about hips v. ass (Sounds like a Supreme Court case? Justice Sotomayor...what is your decision?)
I guess in my mind I so want to see a hip-hop artist succeed in stead of falling into the crap hole and maybe her more so because she looks the way she does. Yeah, that is shallow as hell but I said it! Besides that, if she has the skills shouldn't we want her to succeed? Never mind the reports that her ass may be "fake" but the way it moves, hell I have a few doubts myself! Can she move into the pantheon of Women I Love? Stay tuned, she has to pass the Professor's test for non-wackness! When you step to ready! I think my former students can attest to that! Be easy, I'll holla! We made it, it's Friday!!!!!

The Professor

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